Yacht Beach Classic 3.0

USD |2,994.00
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Short Facts

  • Small size 300x160x20cm

  • Pack size 170x40x30

  • Weight approx. 25kg

  • 2 balance bags

  • 10 handles for fixing

  • removable artificial leather comfort top

  • 2 Velcro straps included

The smaller YACHTBEACH platform 3.0 fits perfectly for 1-2 people but offers the same advantages as the bigger versions: identical material or the same renewable artificial comfort leather top.

2 ballast bags care for the right balance and 10 handles make it easy to fix water toys wherever you like.

The combination from one small and one classic or premium YACHTBEACH platforms create the perfect Jet Ski dock.

There is enough space for everyone, water toys, girls and boys!

YACHTBEACH 3.0 the inflatable platform for your private chillout area, cocktail lounge or even the perfect workout place. Do you just have an idea, which function your YACHTBEACH 3.0 platform should have?

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