iAQUA Stingray EON

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What started out as our skunkworks project has made it into reality. We wanted to see how far we could push the Stingray platform, so in homage to Spinal Tap; dialled it up to 11.

We have redesigned the body and hull with T-300 modulus carbon fibre to make it lighter & stiffer, helping deliver the incredible 760N of thrust . We increased the accumulator capacity and motor torque – as a result we needed to reengineer the engine control module to handle the increased electrical loads.

Stingray EON tops out at 23 km/h and if you can hold on long enough, gives over an hour and a half of stunning performance down to a depth which we had to limit to 40m for your own safety!

  • 23 km/h max speed
  • 30 m maximum depth
  • 6.1 kW max power output
  • 760 N max propulsive force
  • 6 power modes
  • 90 mins run time
  • Fast-charge 120 mins (standard trickle-charge 7hrs)
  • Weight 32kg
  • Dimensions L108cm, W50cm, H40cm


EON Finishes

The EON chassis, hull and body is made from aerospace standard T-300 modulus carbon fibre. Stingray looks pretty mean in its unadulterated raw composite form, but we have included the option of some signature colours, just in case.

EON Exclusive

Choose between the two technical carbon fibre finishes, graphite or silver – custom colours available on request

Included upgrades

If you want to pimp up your Stingray a little, we have created a set of factory fit upgrades to get the most out of Stingray. Whether you want to go night diving, ensure sharks are keeping their distance or just make it look a bit more bling.


Stingray has been designed to give us humans a feeling of freedom under the waves and whilst we respect sharks as the undeniable kings of the underwater realm, not everyone is relaxed in their presence. Shark Guard is a non-invasive, humane deterrent to scare off any that may come too close for comfort.


For deep diving (over 20m) or using Stingray in low-light conditions we recommend the Sub Light. Twin high powered LED headlights give a combined brightness of 1700 lumen which is sure to illuminate the darkest of sea caves or guide you safely back to the mothership.


When we were engineering our lightweight version, we made some sample carbon fibre parts and quite simply fell in love with their stealthy beauty. So, as a result we offer a carbon fibre upgrade for the display housing and the jet cowling. While they are lighter and a little stiffer than the standard parts, the main reason for the upgrade is just because they look amazing.